My work is spontaneous and intuitive. My aim is to communicate with the viewer primarily on a subconscious level and secondarily an intellectual one.

Generally I work in a series and only much later when the work is finished do I analyze the choices I made and try to discover why the work took the form it did and what the psychological or intellectual content might be.

I begin with small line drawings of shapes. Those are sent to a master carpenter with instructions on scale and height. The piece is fabricated in wood and delivered to my studio. I like working on the piece full size, about 8 or 9 feet. The next stage involves a lot of staring until something starts to click. The work being that big means that I don’t totally dominate the situation. The sculpture "talks back" to me. This makes the process more interactive and exciting.

When I have a piece fabricated in Aluminum, so that it can be shown outdoors, I usually change the scale of the piece making it larger so that it interacts better with the environment.

My paintings are more intimate and very direct with little or no working over. I usually see a strong and definite visual thread through the work sometimes all the way from my childhood to the present.

— Wendy Lehman